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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Well I don't want a remake, because knowing Gamefreak they'll make it with all the flaws RSE had, which was the case with FRLG and to a lesser extent HGSS.
What do you count as flaws though? The only one I can really think of was the dying battery but I doubt that could ever happen on a ds/3ds. Unless you're just talking about something you personally dislike about the game, I see no reason for them to NOT make it.

Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
One thing that weighs heavily against RSE remakes, though, is that the mechanics of the game are mostly unchanged from RSE to B2W2. For the most part it would be playing the same game as the original. The only major addition was the physical/special split in DPPt, but would that by itself warrant an RSE remake? I don't think so. They may introduce a major mechanic overhaul in gen 6 which would even block compatibility with gen 5 (incredibly unlikely), but who knows
Day/Night system, evolution in certain areas, hidden abilities (plus extra abilities), more attacks (and pokemon), physical/special split (that you mentioned), etc. I'm pretty sure you get the picture. With all these extra mechanics added to the game, I'm pretty sure it will be worth a play through at least. Plus, both remakes have gained extra places to go and things to do so I doubt they would just skip over it for this game, which means you would not be "playing the same game as the original". You're skipping over quite a bit that has been added.