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Hey there Suskel! I'm happy to see you so enthusiastic here at PC. :) I must say, five years is quite a long time for a fourteen year old. But then when I think about it, I've been around the internet for probably seven or so years! It's really jarring to think that nearly a third of both of our lives has been exposed to the internet. I sometimes wish it didn't go like this, too, but there are things that I do not regret doing since I've been in the Internet (particularly here at PC), so I really don't mind. I'm sure you've had quite a lot of experiences around the Internet, but I hope you gain much more when you stay active here.

I only know the latter two of the three games you mentioned, but I know that those two games are great and addicting enough, and that a lot of people like those games for good reasons. I'm a fan of Minecraft in particular even though I've never played it for more than an hour, just because I see all these people at YouTube posting videos of them screwing around the in-game world, and I certainly thought it looked fun.

Haha. I'm sure you've had a social life even before you cut down on your gaming without you realizing it, because I thought like that, too. Nevertheless, I'm really just glad that you're enjoying talking to people and being more social in real life now.

And whoa! We cleared the same games from the main franchise! That is, apart from Leaf Green, Pearl and Black (went with the opposite versions), plus I played HeartGold, Ruby and Emerald too. I highly recommend that you play those last three I mentioned if you can. R/S/E is a good generation, and HeartGold just brings you back with lovely nostalgia. I'm also glad that you're getting Black 2 soon! And X/Y, of course. We have incredibly active sections for those two, so I believe you'll have more reason to keep coming back to PC. ;)

I'm still a huge fan of anime even as a college student, even though my list only narrows down to two separate shows that I watch weekly. So I'd be happy for you if you get back into anime after getting your priorities straight, really. If you mean you'll watch the Pokémon anime though? I think it'll be worth it, despite not being an avid watcher as of late either. Charizard came back and N has this whole plot going on so I'd imagine it would be fun to watch.

Glaceon, Snivy and Pichu are great picks. I'm a fan of Glaceon too. Not as much as Jolteon or Espeon, but the snowy fox is still pretty high on the list. Don't worry about speaking too much though! I can read a couple of tl;dr's now and then, and yours hits a good balance. It's a great intro, all in all. I really hope to see more of you, Suskel. Stay active! Message a mod if you need any help, and have a blast. ;D

Originally Posted by Suskel View Post
Thanks for the warm welcomes!
To be honest, I had two questions.

1. Is there a place in the forums I could ask for help on building a Pokemon team for a specific game?
(For this question, I tried looking but found nothing. I am HORRIBLE at looking for stuff. I've found places I suspect my topic would fit in, but I don't want to take a chance.)

2. Where should I begin on the forums? I'm actually very excited to participate in the forums, but can't decide where to start first to leave an impression. I prefer posting in the more lively parts of a forum before going into a more quiet part of a community.

EDIT: I've stumbled upon the team help section. My first question has been solved.
This thread you made is already a good start if you ask me, as well as the Hangout for new users and the usual chit-chat threads around the forum. Those threads, as well as a couple of helpful ones, can be found right here. As for my personal favorite place that I think everyone should start out with, I'd say PC's battle server or the IRC would be a good place to meet people and make friends (the former is now easily accessible under More Links > Battle Server > Join Battle Server anytime you're viewing PC). I frequent the battle server, and it's a pretty chill place. You don't even have to be good at battling to enjoy it there. Of course, the two servers are outside of PC, but the regulars there go here anyway! XD;

If you'd like a more general experience, then posting around in a Pokémon thread or a different thread with an interesting topic would be just as nice, and it'll probably get you more noticed in the forum as a whole, especially if you contribute tons. If you see people whom you'd like to get to know more, you can click on their profile and send a visitor message! It's a good way to make friends and leave an impression.
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