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I used to wear braces. I don't remember when as it was quite a long time back. Before putting them on, I had to remove my two top premolars as they were pushing my two top canines outwards and made them resemble 'vampire teeth' haha xD Gosh..that was my most traumatizing dentist appointment ever. ><

At first, the braces were irritating and painful and I couldn't eat anything except porridge. I actually had to take painkillers - that's how painful it was. I soon got used to it though. They only hurt again when I got them tightened. Oh, and those rubber bands and springs! I loathed them SO MUCH. I can't begin to tell you how much they hurt. Ugh.

After I got my braces off, my mouth felt so Free! It did feel weird not having something over my teeth and pressing against my gums anymore, but I felt FREE! I then got retainers and had to wear them every night. I kinda got lazy in wearing them a few times, so my bottom teeth moved a little and they're not as straight as before, but at least I have a beautiful smile now! Shield you eyes people; my smile is too dazzling to behold! xD Hahaha. Well, one has to suffer for beauty, ay? ;D
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