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Haha, yeah, Dave and Karkat are so much fun. I loved them in the earlier intermissions. Karkat has seriously gone from being a stupid, annoying idiot to a relatively mature, wise and good friend. Albeit a bit bitter at times ^^ I like him.

@ about Dave and Karkat now
After having been stuck with Dave as the only other (living) male except for weirdo Gamzee on that meteor for three years, I don't think it's strange ^^

I hope Hussie doesn't listen too much to the fandom. Of course he wants to take the story to where people want to read it, since that's always been the basis of MSPA ^^ But if he has his plans, I think he should do them. It'll all work out in the end, like with-
The SUCKERS and the B2 kids confronting their problems. Speaking of which, when do we get to see what happens with them and the Condesce? I didn't think I would say this, but I miss the alpha kids now xD

last panel in update
I think it means Vriska and her army found whatever treasure they were looking for. Maybe AlternateCalliope is there, or another major bomb of some kind, or maybe even a portal into the B2 session?

X marks the spot. Jake's planet has a huge X on it and Jade and the ship emerged there. Maybe Vriska and the dead army can somehow enter the session even though they are dead, and maybe the meteor will reach Jake's planet too? Although it is more likely that the meteor will reach Derse first since it's the furthest out and since the alpha kids are there.

Or maybe the meteor meets Dirk out in nowhere xD

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