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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Cafeteria (again?)

    It was safe to say that not only was Kiki ok from last night, but Shawn simply had no idea what happened within the last few moments. He went from heading towards where his first class was meeting to being jumped on and hugged by Kiki (which he enjoyed, except the impact kinda jarred him) to having Cynder thrust in his arms while she went to get breakfast. Looking down to the fire-type in his arms, while she was cute and all, his only thought running through his mind was "Please don't burn me". After all, some pokemon can easily ignite when angry or threatened. Anyways, focusing back to the here and now, he walks to an empty table to wait for Kiki.

    From what she said, her and Andy had a run-in with Jen, that white-haired girl he met the other night. He hoped Andy was alright and wasn't injured like he was. He wondered what else they went through while he was out. He started to gently pet Cynder while he waited. Does Kiki know about their classes? Probably not. He'll tell her about them while she ate.

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