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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    I doubt it will be set in only one style of region... so the artists can get started on some basic mountian, grassland, forest, route tilesets and maybe some basic towns... if we end up not using them oh well, but if we end up using them it would be that much quicker they got finished...

    the artist team might want to confer with eachother on a style they wanna go for... so they arent all working in opposite directions.

    and if the designs dont mesh with the story perfectly its probably easier to alter existing finished designs than start from scratch...

    do we know what generation game this is being made from... im assuiming you would need that before you started making tiles.
    Yes off course, but I thought that we graphicers could bring some concepts of tiles.
    It doesnt mean that we all have the same style, so it would be Logic if we vote then.
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