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    Name: Topaz
    Age: 13
    Trainer: Male Hoenn
    Snivey (Lv 18)
    Wrap Normal
    Leaf Tornado
    (+Iron Tail)

    Swablu (Lv. 14)
    Fury Attack

    Topaz is a pure boy, never once thinking that anything could be wrong or false. He often gets duped by bad guys and can easily be tricked on occasion. It is also a good thing that he is horrible with money since if he ever had enough, he would buy twelve Magikarps just to set them free afterwards. Topaz is NOT an idiot though and instead, he just decides to look at things from an angle most people would never choose to. He sees things from the most logical and smartest way and never understands that people don't always choose that way. Also, unlike most people, Topaz loves hard labor, believing that it builds character, and so he has a well built frame for a child his age. He loves candy though and will often be bought with the stuff, or else he will get guilted instead. He has a deep loyalty to the woods and to Pokemon and can communicate with them.

    Since Topaz was a child, he's been living among the Pokemon, with only Proffessor Root being his own human connection. He was discovered by him when he was five, where he was being raised by the Pokemon and Root was surprised to see just how well the Pokemon actually were raising the human child. As Topaz grew older, Root came more frequently, but tried to integrate more variants of Human interaction by sending assistants in his place. It worked, but often these visits were more often short lived since they would get scared off by the Pokemon a lot. Root tried to explain about human character, but he was sadly raised much more often by the Pokemon, rather than by humans, meaning that he saw things as a Pokemon saw them. Blindly believing anything he heard, following anyone he believed to be in charge at the time, etc.

    As Topaz reached his pre-adolescence years, he began to feel more and more human traits that he couldn't understand. He got angry and could control it as easily, he became attracted to female humans more often than female pokemon (Yes this has happened, why do you think Sabrina can use Psychic?). As he discussed these problems with both Prof. Root and his family, they explained that if he wanted to understand his emotions that were most human, he needs to learn how other humans handle these very same emotions. To do this, Root suggested to Topaz that he take the Pokemon Journey that all trainers his age do and learn about the human world that he has never gotten a real chance to interact with. But since Root was not actually the one hosting this journey, he took Topaz to Veridian City to meet with Proffessor Pine to get his License and his Pokedex an his Starter Pokemon.

    Roleplay sample:
    Topaz swung from vine to branch to landing on a rock to crawling over to the soft grass of the meeting spot of the great Pokemon. there were so many Pokemon there to see him off, from the ever present and pleasant Grass types to the often confrontational fire types, to the neutral Water types as well. Above him sat a large rock and on top of this rock stood a Butterfree, aged with many eyes and many views of the subject. He knew of what Topaz was going to declare as he saw it being discussed among the humans already.

    "Topaz. This name was given to you by the one who calls himself Pine. But to use Pokemon, names do not exist. We call ourselves only by the names of our species. All else exists in the air, and in our fur and in our mouths. To us, you are the Human, just as the human who calls himself pine is. But you are different. You are like a Meowth, becoming human to be with humans. You were born Human, but raised as a Pokemon. And you are planning to go to the humans. To learn their ways. Are you not?"

    "Forgive me Butterfree. I do not mean to-"

    "Do not fear my young one. We do not hold you in contempt for your actions. Rather, we encourage them. The closer we Pokemon become with humans, the closer our views are heard. the humans are strong, that is correct, and by serving the Humans, we learn their strengths. We bring this strength to our children. To our grandchildren. To you. And you will bring this strength back to the humans, and show them what they have taught us."

    "Of course, Butterfree."

    "To guard you, Swablu shall follow you and protect you. He shall stand at your beck and call and make sure no harm comes to you."

    "I do not need such-"

    "It is the humans' way to have a Pokemon serve and protect a human, and if you are to enter their world, you must follow the example the same."

    And so it was done. Swablu, one of the many Swablu that had come to see Topaz off, came out and bowed to Topaz. The two could not stay long though, as Topaz had to meet with Prof. Pine soon enough, so they made their way to the lab. The Swablu stood outside, guarding the door as Topaz came in, looking for Pine. He had to remember to use human speech for when in the presence of Humans, as it made it easier for both to understand each other.

    "Pine?" He called, looking through the lab, hoping for there to be a sent he could follow. And sure enough, a scent did lead him upstairs, where Pine was working "Pine?"

    Prof. Root turned to see Topaz sitting there, squatting in his new clothes that Pine had given to him the day before. Though it had only been a day, the knees were already worn down and the shirt was already muddy. Strangely, the hat he had been given was clean, as was his pouch that the Professor had given to him.

    "Remember Topaz. You are to address me as PROFESSOR Pine when in the human world. In this world, titles mean everything. A Mister should not be confused with a Miss. A sister is not the same as a Mother, nor is she the same as a girlfriend."

    "Understood Professor Pine." Topaz was interested in know just what this girlfriend title entailed, as it felt weird. It sounded like it was just a combination of the title friend, another, more commonly, used form of companion. and Girl, a title used to refer to a young or age neutral female of humans. Why was there a need to combine the labels when both seem entirely unnecessary.

    After their talk, Proffessor Root gave him a ride down to the Pokemon Center in Viridian City, where Proffessor Pine was waiting for both of them. When they got in, the two Proffessor shoot hands and Root pointed to Topaz, suggesting that he was explaining who Topaz was. "Such a strange request, Root. Just last week you said that it was ridiculous to send children out to gather information on Pokemon. But here you are, offering up your own child to partake in this."

    "Yeah, well don't go doing the I-told-you-so dance in front of the kid. Just give him the speech."

    So Root turned to Topaz and began to give him his speech. "NOW! I do believe that today, we are going to send you off on your trip to the Land of Poke- er, the Land of Humans. Sorry, I give this speech a lot. As is custom on this day, I give a trainer a rare but useful Pokemon to protect them on their quest for knowledge and experience. So please, chose one so that we can get the rest underway."

    Going over to the table were hundreds of Pokeballs stood, each had a label and a picture with stats on it. Topaz took one containing a Servine and opened it.

    "Hello human, I hope that you shall be more hospitable than my last hu-"

    "PROFESSORS! There was a Servine in this tiny ball. How could you keep a Pokemon trapped in such a cruel way?"

    Root decided that he was the one to explain this. "Easy boy. These are Pokeballs. I've explained them to you before. They are high tech gadgets we humans use to capture and contain various Pokemon. Each ball can only hold one Pokemon at a time.You must have your Pokemon registered inside a Pokeball for it to be registered by the Pokemon Organization. Do you understand? Good. Now, do you want to choose Servine, or another Pokemon instead?"

    "I'll stick with this Servine, Professor."

    Root then left the rest for Pine to finish. "Good! Now that that is out of the way, we can get over to the rest of the stuff that you need to do to get ready for this."

    As Pine began to explain how to register for a Pokemon Trainer License, the hours taking a while until Topaz left the center, Swablu gently sitting on his head, the two of them heading out to reach Pewter City as fast as either of them could make it.

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