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Originally Posted by Cerberus87
My main gripe with remakes is the Pokémon rosters of the NPCs. All games below 4th gen had pretty bad rosters for a few characters and IMO the Hoenn Elite Four was the absolute worst in the series next to RBY's E4.
Ah, okay. I personally liked the roster for the Elite Four but I do see what you mean. Well, didn't they make it where you could re-fight gym leaders/elite four and their roster would be updated (or, in black2/white2, have that huge tournament)? Gamefreak usually moves such features overs since they're quite popular

Originally Posted by Cerberus87
Furthermore, I don't think GF feels RSE is outdated enough. They're still using sound effects introduced in RS. The minisprites in the Pokémon summary screen are all from RS (at least, the ones from the 386 first Pokémon). The core mechanics of the game are from RS. Unless there's something very significant coming around with XY, we won't see further remakes, be it of RSE, of DPPt or any other game.
Seeing as I doubt Gamefreak is just going to surprise us all and give us a remake over the next 7 months, I'm pretty sure that with just the graphics for X/Y, people will be clamoring for a remake in them (especially if the look sticks). We don't really need some revolutionary new way in game play to make a RSE remake (at least that's my personal opinion).