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    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    Suicune dorms > Cafetaria.

    Roxas woke up in his bed as his heart skipped a beat. "W-What happened…?" Roxas blinked a few times and sat up. Strange enough he was still in his clothes but he wasn't wearing his Suicune jacket anymore. He was only in his black shirt and blue jeans. He searched around in his dorm for his Pokéballs but soon enough found Obilivio sitting against a wall and staring at him. "You passed out after the girl with her Pidget ran away." Obilivio sighed in return. "Jaden, Luna and I dragged you back here." Obilivio jumped up and walked towards the tv to pick up thrle remote.

    "More important, take a look at this." Obilivio turned on the tv. Obilivio showed him what was on the news right now. "Team Rocket infiltrated the Pokémon trainer academy and attacked an item shop." the woman on the tv spoke. Roxas didn't believe what he was hearing. A rocket spy attacked the item shop in Oak town? One of his colleagues?!

    Roxas's anger started to build inside him. "How does he or she dare to attack some innocent residents! This is ridiculous!" Roxas immediately stood up and pulled on his Suicune jacket. "Roxas wait!" Obilivio followed him. Roxas turned his head to hear what his Lucario has to say. "If you go to find him or her, you'll probably exposed as well. And… you don't want Alice to know you're a member of team rocket, right?" Obilivio went straight to the point and hitted Roxas deeply at his weak point. Ofcourse Roxas didn't want Alice to find out his real identity AND his real age… not after he kissed her yesterday, she wasn't ready for the truth.

    "Look at you… that girl became your weakness." Obilivio was chuckling as he crossed his arm. Roxas turned his face to the door, and instead of blushing he seemed angry instead. "My weakness… makes me stronger." with these words he opened the door and closes it forward Obilivio's nose. He moved his legs towards the Cafeteria and sat down at a table without getting something to eat. He wasn't hungry at all and was just thinking there.

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