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Faber Capella
The next thing Faber saw was the Tyrogue smiling at her, "Hi there. If you wanted to meet, you didn't have to run into me." Faber slightly blushed, earning a chuckle from the Pokemon. "My name is Mike, and..."

As if by perfect timing, the Primape finally spoke up. The conversation abruptly ended, and Faber turned to listen to the one in front. The first thing he went to do is choose a second-in-command. "Dan, come up here." She smirked, at least Jen didn't get the spot she oh-so-wanted. A Hariyama then stood up and walked towards him, bowing soon after. Faber smiled, agreeing with Brutis' decision. Tidal's certainly deserving enough. Idly she thought about what would happen to her when she grows up, well, she wouldn't know.

She snapped back to reality when Brutis announced the jobs.

One was led by Bruce the Hitmonlee, the other by Tidal, and the most important by Brutis himself. She quickly removed the burial one; even if she help Brick in high respects, she doubted she'd be of use. She was left to the recovery, and the rescue. The recovery sounded boring.. But the Ferrum woods interested her. The Deep Ferrum woods, at that. A scenery different from the Securis Volcano. Faber shrugged; recovery mission it is. And if they manage to find him pretty quickly, better.

She walked up to the Hitmonlee, deciding to bow in respect. "I'm Faber Capella, and I hope I could join your group in the search for Josham." She said, then waited for a hint of agreement.
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