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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology Class

    Lucia finished up eating her breakfast and put away her plate and dishes. "Alright Roberto, we are heading to our first class. History and Mythology taught by... hm... Steven Yew. Haven't had him yet, so it should prove to be enlightening none the less. I suppose history of the region and such." She stated to the Scizor. "Try not to become too aggressive Roberto. They are students you know." The Scizor just grunted at those words. Lucia sighed at his attitude and glanced down at the room number yet again and headed off. The cafeteria was getting more crowded by this point and the classroom would at least be a bit quieter. She highly doubted that any students were in the room yet.

    She neared the room and noticed as she traveled the halls that barely any students were walking about. Oh well, it just meant she could get situated that much easier. Once she found the room and headed in she noticed that the teacher was already in the room probably getting ready for the class. There was even a Gardevoir up there with him. Lucia made her way to a seat near the front and began to unpack her bags accordingly. Roberto meanwhile stood against a wall, crossing his arms and quickly glanced the teacher and his Gardevoir up and down. For the rest of the time after though he just stared ahead at the other wall.
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