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Originally Posted by Cid View Post
That one teaser for FFX HD looked a bit underwhelming for me, though. :( I hope the game as a whole really looks touched upon because I'm not sure if they'd make it look good enough for people to buy it. I love FFX, and even though I still wish I could muster the attention span to play FFX-2, I'd still buy the bundle if I can (the International versions sound like pretty good deals). I just hope the lack of news means that they're working on it very profusely.

I'm glad I don't complete games as much as you do, Lightning. ;~; That's gonna be a huge undertaking for sure. I remember attempting to get Lulu's ultimate weapon with the number of lightning strike dodges at that one thunderstorm infested plain in the game, and I just gave up after screwing up twice.
Figures they announce the news a few hours after you post this. :P I'm a little iffy on FFX too, though. When I first looked at the scans that leaked for it, they had a comparison of Tidus's PS2 character model and the new improved one for the HD release. I was really impressed at all the expression in Tidus's face in the new one until... I read the captions. The expressive face was the original and the new model was ugly and very uninspired, to me. (They were crappy, sepia-ish magazine scans so the "difference" in resolution and everything wasn't obvious at all.) I'm worried the whole game will be like that. There was no emotion in the character models... or at the very least, something seemed off/missing. I hope it gets fixed or it's less obvious when the game is in motion rather than in just screen shots.

Ugh, I've never actually done completion for FFX before. My brother did and it seemed so annoying I just didn't bother. I did do completion for X-2 (THAT FREAKING 100 LEVEL DUNGEON /flings PS2 out window) so I definitely think I'm a masochist if I'm still excited for that.
In other news, I've watched all the new Days cutscenes on YouTube and I'm missing a lot of the mission-related parts (Lightning summed it up wonderfully, riiight here) as well as the emotion brought about by some of the boss battles. I wish they at least made some sort of effort to make the boss battles full-blown cutscenes...
Spoiler: they did back in KHII when you fought Roxas right after entering TWTNW. Or at least something like KH's secret movie! I wish the Saix fight was turned into a cutscene. Most importantly, the Xion fight. That was way too emotional for them to take out.
Oh, I'm glad someone actually read that and enjoyed what I wrote. ^_^; I know I went a bit overboard with what I was saying for a non-fanclub thread but I really needed to let it out. I agree entirely about the things in your spoiler tag that were left out but honestly, KH HD is a pretty low-budget title.

I'm pretty sure they had a very small team actually working on porting it to PS3 and adding everything in. HD re-releases for every company are a quick cash grab that requires very little effort. The most they usually have to do is convert gameplay from a PSP game to PS3 but the KH release went above and beyond on almost all counts--they VASTLY improved KHFM to the point where I find it infinitely more playable than the original, just from the camera, improved cutscene skipping, and triangle mapping. Then to actually do what they did for Days instead of just bringing its theatre scenes in? They redid the whole game and I'm very thankful they did.
But I don't think they had the budget to hire people who could coordinate a whole fight choreography, nevermind several. Those two fights were definitely important and I'm heartbroken that the Xion one especially didn't make it in because it completely takes away the importance of their conversation afterwards. The fight also goes a long way toward 1) Showing what a jerkface Xemnas was, 2) showing both Roxas & Xion's determination, and 3) breaking your heart after a long game of seeing the two of them come closer together as friends. The way the HD release showed it, it's not even obvious that Roxas and Xion fought to the death. :s You can't even see how Xion was altered to take on that final form or anything (the "Xemnas is a jerkface" part). I dunno. I wasn't very impressed by the ending at all, come to think of it. I still cried because I know the characters so, so well from playing the game itself multiple times but I'm pretty sure anyone watching it for the first time would probably think I was crazy for getting at all emotional about any of them.

Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Oh man, the only FF games I've fully completed are 12, 13 and 13-2 but excluding download content so ehhh guess that doesn't count. My brother completed X and X-2 though cause he's like user Lightning level hardcore gamer lmao.
hahaha I'm not usually very hardcore when it comes to final Fantasies. :P Just X-2, XIII and XIII-2 for completion for me. Although XIII isn't even technically complete because although I maxed out Crystarium and did all the extra missions, I didn't get all the trophies/achievements. Oh well.
Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
Okay. So like FFX and FFX-2 got announced for a NA released. unknown if it is international or not I can't tell. but here is the source: I mean we already knew they will localized this, but news with it being confirmed is nice!
It'll be International. It would be so much more work for the localization team to remove all the International stuff and substitute in the original game so, like the KH release, they'll just translate and revoice (hopefully) all the added stuff and upsell it as improvements ~~~never before seen in NA~~~. Which is fine by me because I really wanna play the International versions in English. (Not enough of an FF fan to import the main games.)

*u* Now I get to sit here and hope they announce an HD FFXII International one day. A girl can dream, right?