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    Wow, I actually got pretty into this last night and played much more than I had planned.

    Name: Name (I know, I know..)

    Rival's Name: ??? (again, don't judge too bad)

    My team is as follows though:

    - "Rawrr" the Magikarp Lv.10
    ~Splash (that's obviously it... lolz)

    - "Venom" the Beedrill Lv.15
    ~Poison Sting
    ~String Shot
    ~Fury Attack

    - "Pest" the Rattata Lv.17
    ~Tail Whip
    ~Quick Attack
    ~Hyper Fang

    - "Hippie" the Ivysaur Lv.18
    ~Leech Seed
    ~Vine Whip

    - "Icarus" the Pidgey LV.15
    ~Quick Attack

    Badges: 1

    Deaths: 0

    Yeah, pretty standard stuff so far. I haven't really had any problems, yet.. I am now in Cerulean City. Hyper Fang is really helpful at this point. I'll try to make the update more periodically I suppose. I didn't mean to play so much last night, really. I'm getting ready to play some more right now though, so we will see.