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    ∣ Whitney Eli

    Chapter Two: Part Five
    Academic Training!

    "Huh?" She glanced up for a second, blinking momentarily before the boy's words finally popped into her head. "Oh, uh, I'm almost done, I can show you, just gotta finish..." She was half-drowned out by the welder, as she began fusing the plates to the rest of the invention. "Just gotta... Weld the plates to cover the microchips... Aaaaaand... Done." She formed a big grin as she stood up from her chair, resting a foot on the seat. She grabbed one of the metal contraptions, stuck it to the bottom of her shoe, and strapped it in. She then switched feet and did the same with her other shoes. "Alright, ready?"

    Pidge rested in her backpack, once more causing the wings to appear to be hers. She smiled and mumbled, "Alright, how does that movie go...? Oh, right. Click the heels together," she began to press the heels together, each time causing the shoes to beep, counting, "One, two, three!" At the third beep, she suddenly rose slightly off of the ground, a small whirring noise emitted from the devices under her shoes. "Check it out!" She grinned, and began to skate circles around the table. "Hover skates! Awesome, right!?"

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