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Brutis O'Neal and his commanders

Brutis watched the members of the Breakers break and scatter to their various positions. Hendrick, a Golem named Boulder, Jerome the Poliwhirl, and Cal the Rhyhorn, Brick's own son, came to him. "Excellent men." He approved of the men. Hendrick would carry the coffin, Jerome and Boulder would hold off the wild pokemon, and Cal would assist Bruiser with the burial rites. "I couldn't have chosen a better team, myself." He looked over the men and turned to Hendrick. "Are you ready?" He earned a nod and swung the coffin onto his back with ease. "Let's go." The troop of five set off up the mountain. It would be a relatively safe trip, but there would be some difficulty.

Tidal was approached by a young Riolu, Faber. She honored him with a bow. "I'm Faber Capella and I hoped I could join your group in the search for Josham."

Bruce lifted his chin to his mouth and stroked his chin for a moment. It wouldn't be an easy mission, but this young one could use the training. "No. Absolutely not." He said in a straight, piercing voice. After a moment of silence, he burst out laughing and shook his head. "Just kidding. Welcome aboard, Faber." Within moments, two more of the Breakers joined them: A Machop, and Jen, who was still sulking about not getting the premotion. "Excellent. Let's go." The troupe began to march south towards the Deep Ferrum Woods.

Tidal Fist was approached by a young Tyrouge, who bowed deeply. "I am Mike Abbot and I wish to join you on your mission to rescue the Shroomish."

He thought for a moment. "You look like a stubborn lad. Can you handle yourself in a fight?" Without a second for an answer, he began to thunder with laughter. "Of course you can! You're Abbot's son!" He slapped the small Tyrouge on the back and looked to the other two gathered around him. It was a Mankey called Scrambler, and a Munchlax named Void. Coincidence? I think not! "Good me- I mean tykes. Now let's go." They began their march to the east.
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