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    The Adventures of Giovanni Luca
    The Return of Brotad the Mighty

    The fearsome opponent emerged from the trees. "LOTAD!" It gave a fearsome roar. The rain was pouring down, and Gio was terrified. He produced Howler's pokeball from his belt and tossed him out. Even the fearsome hyena pokemon feared this horrifying monster. To make matters even worse, Slow Ride was playing in the background! The bane to all metalheads!

    Gio packed his headphones away and looked to Howler. "Listen to me buddy, this thing is pret-ty damn terrifying." The Poochyena nodded, terrified out of his mind. "We can't let it beat us. It's the first test that we've come to." They both managed to steel their nerves and turned to face the menacing beast. "I CAN DEFEAT YOU AND YOUR CRAPPY TASTE IN MUSIC!" He earned another roar from Brotad and a small snarl from Howler. He ignored both. "YOU HAVE NOTHING ON ME! HOWLER, USE POISON FANG!" Howler rushed forth and lurched forward with his purple tinted fangs, but Brotad just moved out of the way swiftly. The rain was making it faster! "TRY AGAIN!" The Poochyena managed to sink its teeth into Brotad. It roared it pain. It was poisoned, but poison wasn't going to stop this crappy-music-loving freak of nature! He slammed his head into Howler. Zen Headbutt wasn't supposed to work on dark types, but it DID! Howler was sent flying. "NO! IMPOSSIBLE! KEEP UP WITH POISON FANG!" The Poochyena charged forth and tried to bite, but the Lotad just matched with its own improvised bite. The impact was so great that an explosion occured. Both pokemon emerged from the smoke, but Brotad was just a little fazed. Nothing could defeat this beast of nature! He had to try now! Gio tossed a pokeball and hoped for the best.
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