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    Eli - Rusturf Tunnel

    While Vex and Scyther didn't let up with their attacks, they didn't even scratch Arlu, even with the type advantage. Roxanne's Pokémon had a better chance, all four of them using Bulldoze at once, but Arlu threw them all away just spinning around. He pulled up a force field using his new psychic power, and nothing could get through it.


    On Roxanne's signal, Eli recalled her Pokémon, but she took the Burst Heart from her pocket to find it glowing. No one seemed to notice or care, though, because the entire tunnel (and plenty of Route 116) was rolling from a quadruple Earthquake. Arlu's barrier shattered, and he fell to the ground. Rocks fell on top of him, the ground under him gave out and his feet fell in, but just when it was clear that he'd taken some damage he just got right back up as if he'd not gotten a scratch!

    "This is getting tiring!" he shouted, grabbing Roxanne's Steelix by the tail with just one hand (the other carrying the relic he was digging for) and beating down Geodude and its evolutions. "I'll wrap this up quick." Swinging Steelix into one of the walls, Arlu picked up Geodude and pitched it straight for Roxanne.


    Something stopped it. It had long, slate gray hair with red tips, and a black ruff of fur around its neck like a scarf; pupil-less, aqua colored eyes, and a pair of red markings over the bridge of its nose while large Zorua-style ears protruded from the sides of its head. It wore short-furred clothes, like a bodysuit or even a second layer of skin that extended from collar to feet, in the same gray tone and red accents as the hair, with detached sleeves and gloves that ended in claw-wielding fingers.


    "I'm as shocked as you," she answered, setting Geodude down and bringing her hands together, generating a purple ball of energy between her fingertips. It came naturally to her, like Pokémon instinct, and as quickly as she'd made the ball she'd let loose on an even more surprised Arlu with a pulsing black beam.

    Of course, it wasn't like he wouldn't get up from this. It just actually took a little effort this time.

    "D-damn brat. Consider yourselves lucky I'm out of time." Spinning wildly, Arlu disappeared into the ground, and Eli's appearance returned to how it was just before as her Burst Heart retreated to her pocket.

    "Graveler, Golem," Roxanne began, returning her Geodude and Steelix and resolving to leave before asking anything, "can you dig us an exit?"

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