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    Bryce arrived in the cafeteria along with crowd of students. He got in line, grabbed a plate of french toast and a glass of milk, then made his was to an empty table. Thank Arceus for that empty table, Bryce was in no mood for small talk, especially today. It was nerve racking just for him to get off the boat, now he's getting ready to start classes. Be it they aren't permanent but still. Bryce look around the cafeteria and saw a bunch of faces. The first that caught his eye was a girl showing off to some boy some sort of hover skates as she glided he way around a table.

    Awesome! Bryce thought, giving a smile while still stuffing his face with french toast.

    Other than that, nothing seemed to really draw Bryce's attention. Everyone was hanging around with their friends and seemed to be having a good time. Everyone was ready for today. Bryce, however, wasn't quite sure whether or not he was ready. Of course he wanted to be, but he just wasn't sure if he actually was. Nothing has been quite steady for him for the past five years. He'd been moving around all over the world, not really having a place to call home since his parents went missing. Bryce wasn't sure if this steady way of living would be too much for him. It would certainly be a change of pace. But who knows, maybe it will be for the best.
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