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Name: Nathan
Sex: male
B.Type: tera
Apperance: tall, wears black t-sirt with yellow bodywarmer and jeans, wit red striped trainers. Has long thick blue tinted hair and is thin.
Bio: biography? - Has had a rough life, so is adapted to living in the wild. Has adapted to the sense of touch and can feel shockwaves in the earth with his feet due to his training. Has never known his parents but knew his brother who died from the poison of an ekans. He loved his brother with all his heart and wants to bring him back so much. He has had a traumatic life but as lived on with the help of his pokemon friends. He is quite energetic and has many battle startegies to show off. He isn't very confident and is quite enclosed about his feelings, but when it comes to battle, Nathan is serious, positive and ruthless. Nathan has got a darker side sometimes, although most of the time he is nice, but can be really nasty to people he doesn't like, and has on many accounts stabbed his enemys. He gets quite depressed at times, but most of the time this is hidden by a happy kid with big smiles

Name: Glade
Species: Kirlia
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: Teleport, psychic, magical leaf, reflect,

Name: Buzz
Species: Beedrill
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: Toxic, recover, pin missile, bug buzz

Species: Celebi
Sex: Female
Pokemon Move Set: Leaf storm, vine wip, psychic, recover.

Name: Nitron
Species: Monferno
Sex: Male
Pokemon Move Set: flamethrower, machpunch, dig, aerieal ace