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Tamor Bellfiend
Xin Kou, Shinguo
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The battlefield had come to life; the Knights of Ekilore had sprung into action, well, except one. She stood frozen in fear before the gate; fear had got a hold of her and planted its roots deep down that brushed Tamor’s soul. Her golden eyes followed every movement, they whisked from scene to scene, on the battlefield like a hawk. Almost as if he had overheard her thoughts Niolas soared from her shoulder into the carnage filled land. Guilt stained her emotions, now, even her damn bird had participated in the fight that belonged to her. Niolas’s broad wingspan assisted him into gaining more altitude, once the sleek, dark brown raptor reached the right height he swooped down with talons stretched out. Several of the necromancer’s creatures lost patches of rotten flesh as her avian companion moved in and out the waves of the undead. Soon a realization dawned on Tamor; the acceptance to the Monk’s perilous quest was now an absolute joke, before, in the tower, Tamor had been readily eager to accept it. To be the very first one to speak those words but now she was the last to step foot onto the bloody battlefield. In her case, and her case alone, Tamor’s brave words spoke louder than her poor actions and for that she was overwhelmingly ashamed. A shifted focus led her to see the field set ablaze, Tamor knew that was the handiwork of, and she was reluctant to admit this, her closest human friend who was a deranged, sadistic pyromaniac. The deadly flames, which leapt from creature to creature, would reflect in his lifeless brown eyes, she imagined that a smirk had followed.

Her thin, bony fingers trembled underneath the tattered robes that clung to her body somehow Tamor was able to regain control over her body, thank Tella. What if Fortis had been her primary God that she loved and worshipped every dawn until the sun rose? Would she certainly be planted in this position like a tree that had laid its root? The tremble had spread from her hand up through her entire arm through the rest of her body. Tamor bought her hand to her face, the process was slow almost too painful to watch and luckily no one had been. One by one each muscle in her hand moved each finger downward until it formed a fist. Surely the other knights must have noticed her absence on the blazing field, would they ask her to resign from the prestigious group?


“Tamor, you’re not trying hard enough,” She could tell by his voice he was upset, but she was giving it all she had. “This is pathetic. Stronger! Faster! Sharper!”

She breathed heavy, an evident sign that she wasn’t prepared for this type of rigorous training. In her mind she knew that whatever she decided to do she most certainly couldn’t give up now, he was counting on her. Tamor gathered her remaining energy and threw herself full force at the man in front of her, but he had already seen through her movements like any logistical person would. She leapt off with her domain foot, her left arm held out straight behind her while her right one wrapped around her body so that it did the same. In a single motion she brought both her arms forward and around her body in an almost 360 degree swipe. The brute of a man charged forward, his long brown hair flowed with every step. As speedy as she could Tamor jumped to the side then wound her fist and stuck with all her might. His hands sprung from his side and tightly gripped onto one of her thin wrists he then spun her in a semicircle before letting her go, which caused her to slam into a nearby tree.

“You’re dead,” He whispered in ear after he planted a kiss on her cheek.


That temporarily flashback had cost her a few seconds, but it was an important moment in her life. The left side of her chest ached every time she recalled a memory about him especially now that he had disappeared, she had been hesitant to even believe that much. Tamor rapidly blinked her eyes prior to when she returned them back to the field in time to see comrades being cut down. An unidentified blur struck down into the earth a few feet in front of her, which upon a closer look she noticed the brown wings that spread out and touched her boots. In that short moment Tamor’s breath ceased as her eyes failed to focus on the dead creature that laid crushed at her feet. These were Dabel’s creatures; the monstrosities that he had taken pleasure in crafting, the Necromancer had done his bidding and now she would rid Aerion of them. Her psyche had already started to shatter with the apparent loss of her avian companion. With Tamor’s thoughts becoming increasing erratic there was only one clear thought that was broadcasted, kill. Each step she took left a deeper impression on the dirt ground that she walked on. The mumbling she had began to chant were the hymns of The Nine and the instant activation of her healing powers. Power flowed within, through, and almost around her if only she had the immense ability to do that. It granted her momentary immunity, any minimal attack would automatically heal while it was being dealt as long as Tamor’s divine magic flourished throughout her body. A more severe attack would take several minutes for her to direct enough energy to that spot.

The more steady steps she took the closer Tamor got to the deadly action. A loud shrill from a heavyset human girl caught Tamor’s attention as the girl then proceeded to collapse on the floor. As Tamor approached the fainted girl she lowered herself onto one knee and softly pressed her dirty fingers into her neck right where the pulse could be felt. Magic transferred from Tamor’s body into girl who was blacked out, its healing properties were so strong that it would not only zap the girl into reality but heal all inflictions she might have gotten or will get for the next few moments that it coursed throughout her body. Before she knew it she had wandered aimlessly into the midst of the next wave that proved that Infernum had made its home here. The heat that came from of the half-burned monsters increased as they surrounded their newest victim. A low-toned moan escaped the first undead’s charred mouth, or what was left of it. Due to Auden’s flame magic half of its body was burnt beyond recognition. The smell that wafted from its mouth threatened to leave third degree burns on anything it touched. Puss oozed from beneath its flaky, scorched skin. Some of its movements were fast; the creature, which stood a few feet taller than her, threw himself at Tamor with its arm wide open to give her death’s embrace. Tamor called upon the Goddess Tella to guide her, and the rest of the Nine to give her the much needed strength and energy to conquer the enemy. In the very next instant the wicked creature erupted from the inside out, its guts spewed all over her clothing.

The attack replayed in her mind, Tamor had become a blur to the human eye. Energy sizzled inside of her and begged for an outing, which Tamor had given it in the form of the now dead being. Even more unseen was the way Tamor had reshaped the energy that emitted outside her body into a deadly weapon. It presented itself in a glowing yellow-gold color that outlined her entire body and also caused the air around her small silhouette to shimmer. Another undead beast sauntered in and took its place in front of her. The beast resembled an overgrown cat whose burnt pelt was slowly peeling off to showcase its bare bones underneath. It sprang forward with its claw unsheathed and bared the teeth it had left, consequently its rotting head slid from its shoulder exploding like the previous being. Tamor now stood behind the being where previously she had stood before it. Her hand met her hooded face and felt the claw marks where it had raked its sharpen claws against her cheek. By this time the defensive ward Auden had given her had promptly worn off now she must rely on her own abilities. The headless body landed with a thud on the ground behind her then sprung back into action. As silently as she could Tamor twisted on the heels of her shoes and engaged in battle once more. Divine magic, Tamor recalled what Auden had said to her, was the perfect offensive to the Necromancer’s battle strategy. The energy that encircled Tamor’s frame was her divine magic; it was the energy of The Nine. It became an extension of limbs that Tamor manipulated into thin, sharp, flexible blades that were able to cut into these creatures. Heavily breathing Tamor kneeled in the dirt she hadn’t trained herself in this type of magic in awhile.

Four demons besieged Tamor; they each wore a skull on top of their head. Where the retrieved such skulls she didn’t know, possibly the skulls of villagers that had strayed too far away from camp. Their disgusting pointed teeth held remnants of their last meal, flesh, and blood. Thordain would approve of her next set actions; she twirled around with both of her hands in the air, each spot where demons tried to land an attack Tamor’s energy cut straight through them. All of the demons perished as they made contact with her blades of energy. For the second time Tamor touched an already healing cut on her face somehow one of the demon’s limb still managed to land an attack. Tamor’s movements had to be stronger, faster, and sharper if she were to ever conquer her restless enemies. An eager Tamor threw herself back into battle she was vengeful for retribution. These creatures slaughtered her longest companion and she was ready to kill everything on field for it. Creatures mindlessly stepped forward to replace their fallen comrades; there wasn’t an end to them. They fought on, similarly to how both the Elven and Dwarven races fought against the dragons, but these beasts would fall in battle today. In order to make her movements faster Tamor, without hesitation, ripped off her overly worn robes, from the bottom up. Fasten in same place it had always been was her Mage’s hood that kept all her braided hair and face from being fully revealed to Infernum’s demons as well as to the rest of the Knights of Ekilore, those that had survived.

Stronger. Another beast made its way to Tamor by crushing its fellow hell raisers; it was almost as large as the monstrosity that she had seen several of the other Knights taking on. The immediate conclusion Tamor drew was that it must be the vice-commander, second in charge and that it wanted her intestines for a meal. This beast was foul in nature and in appearance, a sight Tamor was overjoyed to erase from existence. Its front two teeth were half the size of her, they were shaped like a half-circle, they were flipped versions of the other. Wings sprouted from back, but they were only for show as all that remained left was the bones, which a majority of them were snapped leaving asperous edges. The seared skin seemed to bubble as if there were an unending amount of creatures prisoned beneath its shifting skin ready to be birthed into Aerion. Apparently the Necromancer had been quite hasty when crafting this particular horrendous subject. The being leaned hunched over on its front two limbs as if it were some sort of primate. Tamor stood erect in the face of danger her personality had dramatically shifted after the death of her dearest friend. She stayed focused on adding more to her energy giving it more power, juice, force behind her movements as the beast made its final steps.

Faster. It painlessly tore one of its front teeth out, and dug it deep into its knuckle before it repeated the same pattern with the other tooth. On one of its oversized fists the creature now had two seemingly razor sharp teeth implanted as some sort of weapon. Tamor braced herself; their eyes met, and she foolishly launched herself by first digging her black boots into the dirt. The detestable monster raised a single fist and backhanded Tamor as if she were a pest, not a real opponent, which caused her to go flying back down into the earth. Before the dust had a chance to settle Tamor was on her feet and in the air; her body a blur to anyone that watched her. Her speed had not came from air magic as she had seen arcane mages use rather perfectly time boosts of energy that sped her through the air and at her primary target with ease. Thank The Nine, as Tamor increased the amount of energy boosts she used the more time she had to dodge the tooth fist that came her way. It almost began to appear as if she was teleporting around this creature but it had managed to track her every move. Each time she landed she was almost sideswiped by one of its massive fist, the toothed one had come exceptionally close to beheading her instead it left an already healed scratch.

Sharper. All Tamor’s time thus far had been spent twisting, jumping, and turning to avoid the beast’s coordinated attacks on her, she had yet to launch her own. Upset at the fact that she hadn’t landed a single blow on her opponent and was already out of breath Tamor paused where she was at. A game plan was needed if she was going to continue this fight without getting slaughtered along with her fallen comrades. The blades of energy that she used had to be sharp, her father had taught her had to forge but she had failed at that as well. Thordain, the Father of Dwarves, would be so disappointed in her as well as Tella, the Mother of Elves, because even now she couldn’t make them proud. Taking advantage of Tamor’s frozen state the beast threw both fists down in unisons, the final blow. She threw up her hands and started to create much sharper, longer, more flexible arc-shaped energy blades. A barrier was created over her entire attack range as her hands kept making the same motions over, and over again. The motions she made with her hands were blurry; it looked as if she had a multitude of hands by the speed of her movements. Unable to stop its attack the fists delivered the crushing blow right on top of the golden barricade, the repercussion came soon after, the beast’s entire body's flung back and landed on its backside several feet away. A smirk appeared at the corner of her mouth, she had now learned to utilized the offensive powers as well the defensive just like he had taught her.

The bellow that left the now livid beast’s mouth was surely deafening. It was noticeable that one of its weapons-teeth had been knocked loose as a result of its previous failed attack. Tamor had already lowered her self-made shield and launched herself at an extreme speed forward. She stood on the belly of the fallen beast as it was regaining strength, which was evident by it clenching the dirt next to it. Palms out, where Tamor stored built up energy, she thrust them through its damaged skin. The puss was like acid and ate away at her own flesh, Tamor tried to ignore the alarming amount of pain it caused her. As quickly as she could she released the pent up energy in random directions throughout the Necromancer’s creature’s body. It seized, while Tamor leapt backwards away from her formidable enemy. By chance she looked down at her hands, up to her elbow the flesh had been eaten away. Her flesh and muscle were gone in some spots to the point where she saw the bones that connected her fingers to her hands. Blood spilled from the spot where the acid had stopped eating her skin down onto the ground and onto the rest of her filthy clothing. She already knew the healing process had begun but it wasn’t fast enough as the monster had already regained itself and was currently on two feet once more. She exclusively relied on the teleportation-like speed to avoid the abundant amount of attacks it aimed at her. Its single “claw” raked into her several times before Tamor had gotten the hang of her advance, god-like speed. Without her two hands it was beyond difficult to move herself from one place to another. The Necromancer must have created these being with some sort of intelligent as the beast instantly picked up on this fact and delivered a strike that pierced Tamor through the stomach with its one tooth claw onto a boulder. Struggle was all she could do but nothing freed her from where she was trapped, the jagged tooth had created a gaping hole from below her breasts down to her torso. Pinned in place Tamor had run out of plans, her magic was on overdrive trying to heal two severe injuries, one life-threatening. Tears welled in her eyes, was this her final goodbye? Her eyes caught a string that hung out of her pocket, the flare that Auden had given her! Hooking her slow to heal fingers around the string she brought it out of her tattered pants and followed the instructions Auden had given to her. The bright colors of the flare made Tamor smile, at least she had gotten to see something beautiful at the end. Through teary eyes Tamor saw something pestering the beast hence why it hadn’t finished her off yet. A sole bird was circling the creature’s head diving down every so often to pluck flesh from its face, Niolas! Tamor violently shook her head; he had died right in front of her, hadn’t he? Life flowed back into Tamor, she slapped both of her hands on each side of the tooth that held her in place. The remaining bits of energy flowed into her hands, she gritted her teeth as she applied pressure to the tooth. Crackling and sizzling the energy of The Nine zapped through the tooth and created cracked as it went. With one last push Tamor caused the entire thing to shatter in tiny pieces, which returned to her the ability to move. Something else, not her avian friend, had caused the destructive beast to pause its movements, but that was all Tamor needed. The flesh had almost fully returned on her arms, hands, and fingers but the gaping hole in the middle of her body had only started to heal. She sped forward, faster than any speed she had gone, front flipped and landed with her feet on the standing creatures belly. The momentum she had gathered was enough to give her strength to pass through the creature. At the very moment she passed through and was in the inside the belly of the beast Tamor released thousands of miniature energy bolts that immediately pulsed through it. Its body exploded into a dazzling light display taking some of its fellow demons straight to Infernum with it. Tamor landed on her side, hands pressed up against her stomach, the entrails of the stomach still leaked out of her. The back of the hole had already healed while it was taking much long for the hole in front. Hands flipped her over it was a man with shaggy, brown hair who held her in his arms.

“Niolas, I did it,” She slowly reached up with her shaky hands and stroked his cheek as tears cascaded down hers, had her former love come to take her off to Astrum to be with him?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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