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    Hello my friends!

    I have been playing pokemon, casually, since I first for Pokemon Red back in the day. My first real video game. Recently, I've been getting back into it and decided to make a serious team.

    Grass is my favorite type, despite some of it's pitfalls. But, besides them, I still want to train a team that I enjoy rather than selling out and taking Pokemon I don't like for their effectiveness. The lineup I chose is, I think, a pretty good team for basics.

    What I need help on is Movesets; I am completely new to Generations III+, so am a little lost. Here's my team lineup.

    Venasaur - Grass/Poison - Going to be one of my Tanks. He's got a lot of defense right now and is one of my oldest pokemon(got him from a friend from HG I think?). Probably want to use him as my first in the lineup, and give him some battle buffing abilities like Sunny Day. Thoughts?

    Torterra - Grass/Ground - Another tankish Pokemon, his defense is great, but doesn't have as good resistances as Venasaur.

    Virizion - Grass/Fighting - My newest team member, I really like this guy. The fighting in him gives him 6 resistances total, and 4 vulnerabilities. Very high special defense, which is kinda needed.

    Tropius - Grass/Flying - Needed a pokemon with Fly, tbh. But, he's not a bad 'mon, just not as good as the other in my lineup.

    Ferrothorn - Grass/Steel - A real beast. Huge pain to level up for some reason, but he's only got 2 vulnerabilities and a truckload of resists.

    Lefeon - Grass - Probably my favorite, no idea why haha! My only Grass only, but he can learn some good moves.

    If anyone has some links or guides on the best Grass-type moves, or certain moves that you think would benefit the team, would be much obliged! Also, any expertise you'd be willing to share on held items(right now I'm using a mixture of Big Roots, Miracle Seeds, and Scopes I think), would enjoy.