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    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    >Check the closed drawers and head west
    You open the closed drawer and find something that blows your mind! Something so amazing you would never find the words to describe the amazing thing that is all around you! Your heart is aflutter as you beckon your faithful Pokemon to join you, and she marvels with you at the miraculous discovery that has astounded the inventors of everything from the Pokeball to the wheel! Every single emotion possible fills you and Plump and you have to hold each-other to keep yourselves from weeping.
    You found nothing! You take nothing! Plump takes nothing! You all get nothing!
    However, your gaze into the astounding miracle that is nothing has given you something!
    You can now accept the command "Ponder Deeply". Just look at something to learn your inner-most thoughts about it, instead of the narrator's description.

    You return to the backyard. Plump follows, in the backyard is an old, overgrown hedge maze. If only you had a grass-type you'd consider entering that labyrinth. Several statues are also scattered about. Out of the corner of your eyes you see a figure duck behind a tree. The tree appears to grow berries and on the top of it you can spot an odd item.

    What will you do?
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