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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
I see them pulling another HG/SS. What wasn't there isn't available unless related to a direct line or unavailable due to evolutionary restrictions, like Dusclops can't evolve because Reaper Cloth isn't available until post game and Nosepass can't evolve because there is no Magnet area. Eevee may be restricted into not being able to evolve into Glaceon/Leafeon because those kinda areas weren't available in those games much like Eevee couldn't evolve into Espeon/Umbreon because time wasn't incorporated into FR/LG.

So a lot of lines would get a shafted evolutionary pool. Though ones that evolve by attack would still be able to.

So I can see HG/SS E4 treatment. They have the same mirrored teams again and improve them in the post game for rematches.
Unfortunately, I can see that happening. This is why I'm sort of hoping Gen VI introduces more pre-evolutions / evolutions for Gen III similar to how Gen IV had more pre-evolutions / evolutions for Gen II before the ultimate release of HG/SS. So if a RSE remake were to happen, then they can hopefully incorporate more of those new evolutions into the game similar to how it was done in HG/SS. This could allow for a bit more diversity. However, I'm hoping they would go the extra mile and do what they did with B2/W2 and simply expand the Regional Dex.