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Originally Posted by Beth Sycamore View Post
I have alot of questions about Pokemon X/Y.

1. Is this game already being played in Japan?
2. Which of the pokemon starters final evolutions,will look the most prettiest?
3. What does the male and female character sprites look like?
4. Who is the new pokemon professor?
5. What is the name of the starting town?
6. Are all the pokemon all new,or will old favorites be returning?
1. Nope, the games aren't even out yet. They'll be out on a planned international release sometime in October, if I'm correct.

2. We don't have photos or anything yet about the starter final evos, but personally speaking, I'm all for Chespin's final evo to look pretty badass. xD; Then again, I'm pretty biased towards grass-type Pokemon.

3. I'm pretty sure there are some photos right here in the Protagonists thread.

4. The Professor hasn't been revealed yet.

5. That also hasn't been revealed yet, either.

6. And that hasn't been confirmed.

Ah yes, what might be going through your mind is "that's a lot of empty info", and that's what a lot of us in X/Y (heck, the whole entire Pokemon fanbase, actually!) have pretty much been facing. We're getting info in very little bits at a time, and even if we do, it's usually nothing extremely substantial. Probably a Pokemon release here and there with just about little-to-no data about it (going to make this assumption because of the Sylveon hint). Other than that, don't expect much because there is a long way to go until October.
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