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Valorie Ryder - Zane Alta's Classroom
A rather short'ish girl carrying a slightly bulging satchel entered Zane's classroom, carefully groomed for the oncoming day. She had taken great care to make sure there was no trace of the spaghetti sauce she'd been covered in the previous night. Looking around, Valorie was a bit confused at the empty classroom. Why, in such a populated school, would she ever manage to be /the/ first one there..? ...Disregarding the teacher of course. That being said, she made several steps inside before addressing Zane in a rather quiet voice. "This is Practical Battling, right..?" she asked, kind of wondering if she was in the wrong place or if class had been cancelled or something like that.

Hilda - Community Service and Vigilantism Classroom
Meanwhile, Hilda slipped inside her classroom, looking ever so busy with a bag stuffed full of various supplies in her arms. She was studying the contents, seemingly trying to count them as she moved over and had a seat on the teacher's desk in the room their class never, /ever/ used anyway and began to quietly organize the backpack's contents. Basic food and water, first aid, more first aid... As one could see, she was all set! There was barely enough room for pokemon! Hilda casually observed the few students that had already made it to her classroom, but did not opt to start conversation as she was still waiting for quite a lot of people. Now was preparation time.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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