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Percival and Roland Grey- Xin Kou, Shingou

"I'm a bit preoccupied with the little devils!" Roland shouted back after his brother called for aid against the big monstrosity. "Hold the fiend off! The Gods know you've at least been trained to do that much, brother!" He teased at his brother, while two more hellbounds approached him.

Roland concentrated on the foes in front of him now, figuring his brother and the others should be able to handle the larger beast. He may publicly joke about Percival, but he knew he was capable enough to handle himself. Auden seemed to be competant too. The two hellhounds circled around the knight, Roland holding his shield in front of him as he followed their movements, never allowing himself to have their back to either of them. However, that proved to be difficult as their distances from each other began to widen, and they were soon on opposite sides of each other. At this point, the hellhound directly behind him pounce for attack, his deep growl and indication of his incoming pounce, which gave Roland a mere moment to turn and block the beast in time. He brought his shield up to his body, the impact of the pounce of the demon dog meeting the steel of his barricade, and the two bounced off each other, the hellhound momentarily backing off to shake off the hit it took to the head. However, the second hellhound didn't stop to give Roland an opportunity to recover, attacking him while his back was turned, and biting into the knight's leg. A grunt of pain escaped Roland's lips, as he looked below to see the giant beast attacks to his leg, and biting through the metal to the skin, and into that as well. He tried to shake it off, before realizing the stubborn monstrous dog was far too attached to be willing to be shaken off. He brought his sword up above his head, and brought it down right on top of the hellhound's head, impaling it straight through and coming out the other end. The other hound had apparently recovered from its headbutt with the shield and prepped for another attack, doing so immediately, but Roland made a quick spin move and brought the bloody sword in front to meet the dog's pounce, and cutting at the beast as it struck through the air. The body fell into the ground, now split in two, bleeding profusely from the open wound, but no longer attacking.

Roland breathed heavily, examining his leg to see the blood staining his colored armor. As he tried to put weight on it, he felt a stinging pain escape it. He knew it would probably have to be examined thoroughly, but he also knew the demons wouldn't give him that luxury. Seeming to take advantage of the situation, three more monstrous demons of all sorts surrounded the wounded knight, and began to encircle him. He brought up his sword and shield to protect himself, still retaining his mask of confidence, yet on the inside, he knew he was in a vulnerable position.

But then one collasped like a rock and behind it stood an equally wounded knight, breathing heavy, barely holding on to his mace and shield. "Looks like we need to work together for once if we want to live to see another day." Percival turned to another monster, bashing its repulsive half decayed face with his mace, bringing it down to the ground with sheer force. Putting all his strength and weight in the blow proved to be reckless as Percival fell to his knees, gasping for air. The broken ribs were weighing him down, weakening the knight with every movement.

The outstretched hand of Roland met Percival's arm, tugging at him with all his remaining might to bring him back to his feet. "I have no intention of seeing any of the House Grey fall before foes so foul. Come on." He panted heavily, and turned his attention back to the demons, just in time to see on right in front of him, about to bite into his face. Though he didn't have enough distance to slash it, he brought the hilt of the sword to the demon's face, repeatedly smashing into it both as a tool of pain and a means to bring enough distance to the two of them to initiate a strike of his sword. Punch after punch came from Roland as he continued to exhaust what little energy he had to create the distance, before leaping backwards and bringing his sword behind him, and striking forward, impaling the demon directly through. If the demon had a heart, he knew he would have struck directly on it.

A somewhat larger demon approach the two knights. Roland gazed upon it, the pain still coming from his fresh wound on his leg, but also his arm, which held the shield. He turned to Percival, giving him a slight nod of the head, hoping he gets understands his intention.

"We are going to make peace with it, right?" Percival said with sarcasm. Roland rolled his eyes, and the demon attacked, bringing his right arm, which seemed to be about twice as large as his left down upon the pair of knights. Roland jumped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the attack while feeling the sting of his injured leg. Nevertheless, he fought through the pain, and mustered all of his energy to cut at the arm of the demon which now made contact with the ground. A clean slice was made, slashing through its arm from right below the shoulder, the large arm of the monstrous demon falling onto the ground, which caused a roar of pain from the being. As the arm crashed to the ground, Percival charged forward throwing his shield into the head of the monster, splitting its head open. The creature fell back, twitching and Percival walked over to its head, removing his shield and crushing the head like a watermelon with a single stroke of his mace.

Roland, still panting heavily, examined what was left of the demon after Percival was through with it. He nodded at the remains, impressed with his brother. "You know, for a Welmian cur, you sure fight like a northerner. It's good to see you haven't tainted all of your Grey bloodline just yet."

"Thank you?" Percival said, not sure how to take the compliment. Or insult. "You almost seemed rusty today. I wonder how the head of the Lionguard would react."

Roland let a small chuckle escape his lips. "If I have my way, he shall never hear of it. Imagine what he'd say when he finds out I fought side by side with an elf!"

"Heh. That's true," Percival smiled. A pleasant exchange with Roland? That was a first. "Let's check on the others. I trust they are still alive after all those magical explosions."

Roland nodded, checking around to see the conclusion of Auden's fight with the enormous and monstrous abomination. Apparently, he had managed to defeat the thing, before taking off. "That Auden fellow seems to be quite capable. I do not think the monks chose foolishly with him." His thoughts suddenly went back to his mercy-killing of the other knight. "That other elf, Zara. She has fallen." He said, observing around the area to see what other damage was caused.

"As did Crystia," Percival said, staring at the ground. It was littered with bodies, but the waves had ceased. The villagers and guards taking out the stragglers and any other weak monster that the Knights had missed in their crusade. Percival walked back to the gate, remembering the figure from earlier that had agruably saved his life with the wave of magic released earlier. It was a short, wider woman with fiery hair. She was unconscious, having blacked out from the sudden release of magic. Percival knelt down beside her, gently shaking her.

"Milady, wake up. I have some questions for you."

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