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Thanks, kingofbluesteel! I've been thinking about your suggestions all day, and decided, mentally some things.
My pokemon planned are currently: Glaceon, Gyarados, Serperior, and Growlithe.
Still staying away from lengendaries, I now want a flying type that can use the Fly HM.
I also have room for a last pokemon, but can't decide which to use. Any suggestions? I want to cover all of my weaknesses

Edit: MANY changes going on.My current planned team looks somewhat like:


I am having trouble, as well as covering my weakneses. I also have two open slots. I possibly wish to add Gyarados.

I was also wonderind which pokemon works best as an "HM slave"? I decided that for once, I wish to not put HMs on my main Pokemon.
Currently hunting for each Vivillon! Let me know if you have any!