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    Ice Cream Cone of Doom and the Evil Santa

    Jupiter slowly came back to his senses.. Snow was something he never experienced. He squinted his eyes to find something licking his face. . . .

    Flashback time! When the Vanillite fled, Jupe and Aquaseas chased it to the other side of the lake.. But something then whooshed past them then another one, then Jupiter felt a sharp pain and the world turned dark in front of him. . . .

    . . . He got a better look at the thing licking his face and his lips. A fluffy looking thing.. "AAAAAAHH!!", he jumped back. The Cubchoo got startled by his scream. It gave a small yelp and fled whimpering.

    "Phew! At least it wasn't a mother bear thinking me to be her long lost baby!", Jupe let out a sigh of relief. He turned left and saw Aquaseas staring at him worriedly. A white aura emnated from him.

    "Hey pal!", Jupe grinned at him, "Don't worry.. I am all fine.. Are you okay?" he scanned him with his pokédex.

    "Evolution imminent! Quantum Power at 94%!"

    "Whoa.. Thats cool. Lets find out this Vanillite and you can show him your new form!"

    Aquaseas nodded eagerly and the two set out again to search the Vanillite that fled from them. Would they be successful? Santa?
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