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Zayne Alta

Aura, through his sensory abilities, had noticed the approaching student long before she had actually arrived, so Zayne was not exactly surprised when a young girl walked into the now lightly decorated classroom. She looked around confusedly her gaze resting on Zayne and on Aura several times
She's probably trying to work out if I'm the teacher or a student supposed Zayne, few people in the school had actually realised he was a staff member on first glance, it would get annoying after a while but he could live with it for the time being.

"This is Practical Battling right?" she asked, seemingly unsure if she had arrived early, late or in the wrong class entirely. Zayne found the perplexed student rather amusing really, since he had a similar frame of mind being a new teacher.
"Yes, this is Practical Battling" Zayne answered her question "you're the first one here." Zayne wondered for a second if he should introduce himself to his student before deciding it was within the realms of acceptability
"I'm Zay... Mr. Alta and I'll be your teacher for this unit." glancing to his side he added "this is Aura, but he won't be sticking around too much longer".

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