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I wanted to save this topic, so now's a good time to bring it up ^^

Who's your favorite and least favorite character on Homestuck?

A1 favs: Porrim, Meenah
A1 noes: don't think I really dislike any of them, they are pretty interesting characters. Still doesn't mean I like them overly much ^^

I first thought Porrim was creepy but when I played the game a bit more and saw her interaction with Kankri which was totally like the Dolorosa and Sufferer, I just loved her xD She's like a less annoying Kanya. Plus, she's stylish.

A2 favs: Karkat<3, Terezi, Vriska
A2 noes: Tavros, Eridan, (Gamzee), maybe Feferi.

Everyone should love Karkat. He has matured in such a great way. My feelings for Terezi sway with the story, in Act 4, I really disliked her but in Act 5 she became awesome. It was the opposite with Vriska although I've always somewhat liked her.
Regarding Feferi, who's my patron troll :p I just don't feel like she's got enough personality to be interesting. I'm calling Meenah my patron instead! She's just awesome.

B1 favs: John, Jade, PM and Davesprite. Don't forget Davesprite.
B1 noes: ah, none :) maybe Jade's grandpa because he's weird. He's Jake, I mean haha.

PM is seriously badass and all she's been through making her what she is today is cool. Should be noted that I like Dave too, and Rose as well on a corner. So. And like I've said before, Davesprite is the true hero.

B2 favs: Roxy. The end. She is superbs. I used to find her so annoying, but now she is the most decent person of them.
B2 noes: Jake and Jane. I just think Jake is so annoying and Jane is so... I dunno. Not great. ^^; Sorry.

Of course Bro and Dirk rule but Roxy just cuts ahead. Especially since Rose's mom in pre-scratch is awesome too xD
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