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    Originally Posted by geoisevil View Post
    Haha thanks a lot ;D tbh I don't really plan on changing the design but thanks for the suggestions

    and for the icon I suppose I could, it only has the one frame atm because the game i made it for only uses the one frame as of right now

    I will start to code in some css eventually but I'm too lazy atm XD

    glad I could help put somewhat!

    I wish there would be sprites in xy but I have a feeling that there wont be :/

    And heres something new :D

    Made this as a present for my friend Zerudez on deviantart for his 21st birthday, its of his fakemon Wolverize :D
    Great shaping of the dude and I think you've put him up really well. But the highlights are so faint I can barely see them. The flaming effect is really cool and the shading comes in really well. You've also anti-aliased some parts and made them cool.

    I think you could make an OW or something out of this guy!
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