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Hey Hoenn, I have requests for you that could eat your free time
1- A user bar. Color : red - Text : Pokemon - Evils Unite Supporter - Sprites : Lugia on the left, Giratina on the right.
EDIT : 2- I would trainers pose for these :
A fifteen years old girl. Living in the same town as the hero, she received a pokemon one day after the hero and decides to go with him in his quest to save the world
He is Prof Landon's 17 years old son and he claims to be the hero's main rival. He will often battle the hero while in his way to stop Team Chaos.
He is the 23 years old Hoenn Champ and the hero's brother. Takes part in the hero's journey.
-Prof Landon
Moved to Senora to expand his studies. Often works with Prof Oak.
3-and OWs for them.

What is it for : RMXP Game
Expected time : Just take your time and let your imagination go wild.
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