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Mike Harrison


Mike was thrown on the wall. An Escavalier advanced towards him. "You thought I would not return huh! I have been waiting for this day for over 2 years. Now I shall take revenge for what you did to me." The Escavalier advanced towards Mike and raised his hands aiming for the kill.

"Noooooooooooo" shouted Mike jumping out of his bed. A Houndour appeared at the room and told Mike, "Come on Mike, don't scream like that in the middle of the night, it was only a dream. Sweating Mike lay down to sleep. Ever since Preston had died he had been getting nightmares about the Escavalier he had taken down the night Preston died. Mike told himself, " I hope nothing like that happens again."

Of course with his luck Mike had the same nightmares. Groaning he woke up late and went to the breakfast table grumpily. It was late and so there was nobody there. He had a good breakfast of Oran Berries and he also had some Tamato Berry juice. The spicy flavour of the juice always calmed him down.

After breakfast he walked down to the bulletin board to get some rescue jobs. He then saw his friend Wetson Freeze right next to him. He said, "Hi Weston! Looking for a job eh?"
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