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    Bay & Flow - Jubilife Outskirts

    Bay looked around the town as an ominous feeling came upon him. Walking around, he decided that unless Flow could find them then they must have left. Maybe they never entered at all seeing as how they would make way with no incognito whatsoever.

    "What do you think we do now?" Bay said to himself while standing at the city's entrance.

    He had no clue where he should go now that he was back to square one. Flow didn't return an answer to Bay, confirming that something was wrong again. Either way it went, did he even want to help do this? Maybe he could help evacuate the town or even then did he want to help with that? He had no obligation to do so seeing as he had cut all ties he had with this city years ago. With a sigh, Bay began to walk back towards Jubilife until he heard a faint echo of sorts that forced him to shudder.

    "Sister, I've been searching for you for a while!"

    The voice bothered him somewhat and he cautiously advanced towards where he thought it was coming from with his legs shacking and almost giving way with each step. He didn't know what it was but there was a chance that it was what destroyed Eterna. It frightened him to think that these might be the last moments of his life as he sneaked closer behind a bush, noting a blue light that shone from the other side.

    Eyes widening, Bay stopped creeping forward. He noticed Emily and Amethyst floating forward and it disturbed him to an extreme. Blue light was beaming out of her eyes and she way floating towards another girl. Bay came back to his senses and tried to see the source of this but to no avail. He could tell there were more people on the other side but his view was obstructed.

    He was situated in the spot he was in and crouched down, careful not to make any noises.


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