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Game: FireRed -> Heartgold -> Ruby -> Platinum -> Black 2
Leader: Bugsy

My team for Firered will be:

Beedrill Raticate because i just caught a shiny Rattata :D

managed to finish my Firered run in one go, here is the update:

- selected Squirtle as starter, beat Gary and got the pokedex
- learned how to catch pokemon and caught my first team member, Caterpie
- caught my second team member, a shiny Rattata! :D
- grinded both pokemon to lvl 14 for Brock
- got my first badge
- went to Cerulean City, beat Gary again and hacked in a Bellsprout because I forgot they only appear in LeafGreen and not in Firered <.<
- trained my team to lvl 21 so Bellsprout evolved and took on Misty
- got to Vermilion City, boarded the ship and got HM01 after I beat Gary (again)
- defeated Lt. Surge thanks to Raticates Dig <3
- back to Cerulean City and through the Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town
- went to Celadon City, defeated Erika and got my fourth badge
- cleared out the Rocket Hideout and got Silph Scope
- back to Lavender Town to get the Pokeflute
- went to Saffron City, destroyed Team Rocket and defeated both Gym Leaders ( Sabrina and fighting guy )
- got to Fuchsia City, spent hours for catching a Scyther, collected the gold teeth and HM03
- beat Koga for my sixth badge
- went to Seafoam Islands for more exp, killed Arcticuno
- went to Cinnabar Island, collected the secret key and solarbeam!
- destroyed the gym with scyther only ( swords dance + wing attack)
- flew back to Viridian City and got my last badge
- went through Victory Road and spent some hours grinding my team to lv 60+ (speed button ftw :>)
- defeated the Elite Four without problems
- almost lost against Gary, his Arcanine is too strong
- became the champion of Kanto


Raticate, lvl 66

Shadow Ball
Hyper Fang

MVP against Agathe

Butterfree, lvl 61

Aerial Ace
Silver Wind

most useless team member, only used as decoy against Elite Four and Gary :/

Scyther, lvl 66

Swords Dance
Wing Attack

MVP against Bruno, Lance, Gary

Victrebel, lvl 60

Razor Leaf
Solar Beam
Sunny Day

MVP against Lorelei

now on to Heartgold, will update my team as soon as I know what I'll take :D