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    SSY is one I'm going to watch when blurays come out.

    Chaos;Head did show glimmers of potential, supposedly the VN was a lot better. I'm not a fan of visual novels so I'll never know.

    Steins;Gate really was about the characters. If you like them you'll care about them when the dramatic stuff starts happen (even if said dramatic stuff is some kind of conspiracy website crossed with the Butterfly Effect), if you don't of course you won't. Okarin was kind of fun to watch for a while but then the XD LOL MADDOSCIENTIST HOUUUIN KYOUMA Tumblerhagness of him got on my nerves. Mayuushi deserved everything she got and the main girl was just a ctrl+c ctrl+v tsundere that you'll find in every anime ever. The trap/daru/fbfbfbf/nyannyan all awful. It really felt like a harem**** series pretending to be something better, all those episodes with the girls pretty much lining up for some alone time with Okarin? Nope. Away from that I did like the art and opening/ending songs.

    Edit - You're right, the a actual time travel stuff in the series was pretty well thought out and the fact it used real theory was interesting. A real shame it was used in a series like this.