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    the little mouse cocked her head. Why would she burn him? She liked him. H wasn't mean like some people.And the mouse could see her Mama liked him too. She cried happily and snuggled close to him.

    "Quil! (Papa!)" she said happily, her back face all smiles.


    Kiki ate her food as fast as possible then ran back to Shawn with an excited giggle. She spotted Cynder acting in the strangest way. She was being happy and affectionate to him, something she didn't do to anyone but her.Well, she seemed content so Kiki let Shawn hold her as long as he wanted.

    "Hey! What classes are you in?" she asked slowly, not caring about her own classes. She would just go to his regardless of what they were.


    Brian walked over and checked his class list, smiling. Those looked interesting, but History... He hated History. Bother.

    "Let's go! I'm bored!" Sprinkles said with annoyance. He pet the young eevee and nodded, smiling and heading toward his first class. He stopped at thedoor, seeing Lucia already in there.

    "Hi." he said politely before taking a desk on the other side of the room, holding the eevee close, who looked at Roberto with a sneer, then Lucia with curiosity, then the gardevoir with annoyance. He did not seem impressed.
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