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    In A1, I really like Meenah. She's so spunky and sassy. Also, she is pisces like me! I also really like Mituna, he's so cute! And even though Kurloz is evil and such, I like him too.

    I dislike Cronus. He makes me want to strangle myself with my own spinal chord, ha. He's such a dick to everyone, especially Mituna.

    A2: My favorite is Sollux. He's so bitter after losing his eyesight. I love it lol. I also like Karkat.
    My least favorite is probably...I guess Eridan. I dont really hate any A2 trolls. Eridan was my favorite until he went nihilist and killed fef and Kanaya. And even then I didnt dislike him. But when he got sliced in half, I was like, "You could have easily blasted her with your wand, Eridan! Gah what a pansy."

    B1: My favorite is Dave. He's so funny and cool, and even when he isnt cool its cool. Thats just how he rolls
    I dont really dislike anyone from B1 either. They are probably all in my top five favorite characters... I guess Jade is my least favorite, but I still love her.

    B2: Fav: Roxy. She's really funny and nice. Dirk used to be my favorite, but now he kinda seems...too perfect. Like he was perfect when he was introduced, but I figured he would slowly start to show flaws, kinda like Jade did. She was all "i know everything" but later she had to cope with knowing jack ****. Dirk is like "i can do anything and i know everything and theres like a million of me and my hair is perfect and i am a god of irony and my bro worships me and my glasses are pointy and my sword is as hard as i am and im gay which makes me more likeable and im just hot **** in a blender thats also in a bag of chips." /rant
    Anti Fav: Jane. She's so bland...bluh

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