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    Jack Davis - Heading out once more

    Jack frowned as the Elite laid down his words. Okay... that face was sick! Just... ergh! He was so glad when the Elite put the mask back on but still... mach 9? Really? Even trainers outside of the island wouldn't be able to put up with that! So that meant he had probably used some kind of technology to make his pokemon stronger and that lead to some conclusions for Jack. The most important thing he saw however was that the Elites could not be beat. Yeah, it was possible to train an Eevee without evolving it so that it could take on more powerful foes, but that didn't mean it automatically was moving at the speed of light or anything! If a pokemon that wasn't used to such speeds moved too fast then there would be serious tissue damage and heart conditions right there!

    Jack shook his head as the Elite left and Charlie angrily levitated his spoon back to him. "Oh joy. So a invincible Eevee?" The Alakazam retorted. "That makes everything so much better!"

    Alpha sighed and picked up the berry, "How can an Eevee be invincible though? It doesn't make sense."

    Charlie just chuckled at that, "Sweet Alpha, it's simple, he used a wish on it. My theory is that all the Elites used wishes on their pokemon. Think about it, if they wished that their pokemon were the strongest in the world then who could beat them? No doubt the final Elite did just that. If they are so powerful due to a wish, then it means no matter how strong another trainer does become the wish will always make it so that certain elites will ALWAYS be more powerful than that one trainer who could try to rival him, but would end up getting defeated always in the end. This whole competition is a sham, just powerful trainers who got bored. I highly doubt they even hand out a wish, just watch trainers beat the c**p out of each other until there is one left and then they simply flick a finger and win. It would be a sound way to get money out of the tournament and with the obscurity of the tournament and island, it means word doesn't get out that much so they keep suckering trainers into doing this. Pretty sound strategy."

    The Hypno just stared at him, "Dang, that evolution must have made you really smart! Or really stupid."

    Charlie just grunted, "Well that leaves us to whether we can convince our trainer to get out of this area then. What is the point of battling here if the opponents we face are nowhere near the power level the Elites show? What's the point of battling a Haxorus I could beat easily when an Eevee could beat me quicker? It's a waste of time in my opinion. Instead we should head over to Kanto or some other region. With my increase in power we'll be able to crush anyone that gets in our way, correct?"

    Alpha just sighed, "But Jack wishes to find Kiba, I highly doubt he'll leave before we find him."

    Charlie rubbed his chin at that, "Then we simply must find Kiba and then we leave."

    Jack meanwhile sighed at the event and began to walk, "Come on guys. We need to find that thing. It's got to be around here somewhere."
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