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    Hi everyone! I'm totally addicted to LoL. If I had access to play it right now I totally would and I wouldn't be posting in a thread. I am sad that I don't have any way to be able to play it. But oh well, such is the life of a trucker. Feel free to add me. It probably won't be for a few months before I can actually start playing again. Tis sad.

    PC Name: LittleCubone
    Summoner Name: DarthClownface

    What is/are your favourite Champions from the game? Why?
    Okay, for starters... I like almost all of them. The little midget spellcaster... can't remember his name. "Is that a short joke?" Haha. Morgana and Cassieopia are my all time favorite champs to play. I'm in love with AP. Gragas is my home boy. I usually have the Hillbilly Gragas. Fat people are funny. Especially when they use alcohol as a weapon. Mundo is my all time favorite champion period. He can be such a tank and his cleaver is OP. Plus he is freaking hilarious. Oh, and Nasus. I like to run him Tanky Mid just for the heck of it. I totally beat a skilled Morgana with him, so that was super fun.

    What is your preferred position? (Mid, Top, Bot, or Jungle)
    I prefer mid. But I can do solo top.

    Who are your least favourite champions? Why?
    My least favorite champions.... hmmm. Master Yi and Shaco. For some reason I have no idea how to counter them. Leblanc is the bane of my existence. And I hate fighting Lux mid.