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    Kit wasn't entirely sure where her place was at the moment. She hesitated to watch the boys charge in. They were being... fools. It had been a long time since that word had entered her vocabulary. She shook her head. Could these people... really cause a miracle? Could they? Not without dying. They weren't all together as it was and... they weren't even coordinated. What a mess, she thought to herself, facepalming just a tiny bit.

    "Hey!" She raised her voice, making sure the two reckless fools fighting Dinohumon and blasting through cars could hear her. "Are you two really okay with this? You aren't doing anything!" She held up a nightstick, glowering at the opponent waiting for them? "Making this big show of doing damage and puffing out your chests, but he's not hurt is he?"

    Dinohumon turned to look at her, seeming to smirk a little. "Are you saying you can damage me?"

    Kit shrugged. "I'm saying they can't." The words were pure Carlos trash, and she knew it. However, if these two insisted on fighting, which she bet they would because they were looking to be just that reckless and ridiculous. "Or if they could, they ought to do it soon." Without hesitating, she stepped forward and bolted.

    "What arrogant words you have there," murmured the opponent. "Care to back them up?" He ran towards her and she ducked, rolling to the side and springing up again. The second cleaver swung downward and she thrust herself forward, stabbing the Digimon in the midsection. It coughed,but little more. She crawled under and swung toward its back.

    "Dontae," she called. "Either convince them to help together or get them out!" Because clearly their one combo had worked much better.

    Paopao growled softly and crouched. Kit had told her to take them away, but there she was, fighting a swordsman by herself. What was she supposed to do?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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