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Happy Birthday to a special Shadow!! :D

Yay you're 17 now and closer to being 18. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy yourself!

Happy Birthday from Skyla too ;)

P.S. You'll be getting your presents in a few days. ;)

Originally Posted by Zebz213 View Post
Your Bagon ♂ Lv. 1
OT: GARRET | 57203
Modest | Rock Head
30/30/30/30/30/31 (Hidden Power Flying 70)
Rage - Hidden Power - Protect
Gible ♀ Lv. 1
OT: GARRET | 57203
Jolly | Sand Veil
Outrage - Dragon Claw - Earthquake - Stone Edge

For my Flawless Genesect Lv.100
Nature: Bold and Ability: Download
Item: Shock Drive
Techno Blast-Hyper Beam-Zap Cannon-X-Scissor
I don't really like doing 2 for 1 trades, so if you would like both is there anything else you have you would be willing to trade?
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