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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
They didn't add those area restricted ones into remakes before because they aren't part of the original games. While New Mauvile would be a good idea, its not magnetic and Nosepass and Magneton couldn't evolve there in R/S/E. They'd keep it like that. Same with Eevee in Shoal Cave, which isn't cold like the areas that the Icy Rock is usually found.
True that they didn't evolve in the places beforehand but I think those would be the best place to add extra rooms/maps to to make them evolve, like how they add two whole routes, a safari zone and a cave right onto Cianwood.

Originally Posted by XanderO
If we get Remakes they'd be updated Rehashes of the regions following the same basic story with only a few minor tweeks to it. We'd probably get something added in to go with the contests/battle frontier. If not then we'd just have the retro Frontier and Contest back with no side extra.
Well, yeah. I'm pretty sure there is a thread on here about how the same old plan seems to work for each game (if it didn't then I doubt people would be buying the games at all). While it does have the same story, I'm positive they would add extra content to make the game more appealing (though, retro style Contest would be awesome).

Originally Posted by XanderO
They'd add in Legends from past generations and maybe an inclusion to current legends like Shinjoh Ruins and Embeded Tower in HG/SS. Other than that we'd have to basically trade to get the locational evolutions including any new ones we get in Gen 6.
I think their best bet would be to add the event places (Navel Rock and Birth Island) to the game and then add some extra places to get other pokemon, like Dialga, Meloetta, etc.