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    Skye yawned, rubbing his hair back down. Pola, in her infinite child wisdom, had agitated Volca into Wild Charging her across the dorm. Thankfully, the polar bear was made of sterner stuff than she used to be, but it had still knocked her dizzy. So she slept on in his bag as he dressed. He sighed with relief. He was still here… for the moment.

    “Skye, stop thinking.”

    Rama made this order from where he sat in Skye’s chair. His fur stuck up every which way and his trademark smirk was nowhere to be seen. He looked horrible and probably knew it too. Skye held out his arms to brush him, but the Pokemon turned up its nose. “Not until you let it go.”

    “Yuh-you act luh-like it’s thah-hah-hat easy.”

    “It’s Cam,” pointed out the Zorua. “You can’t tell me you didn’t expect to be slaughtered.” Skye twitched. “Don’t be such an idiot.”

    “I really don’t think Skye wants to hear that from you of all Pokemon Rama,” Ellie yawned, rolling onto her back. “Besides, your pride is what’s keeping you looking like a Mareep with a paint job.” He hissed at her. “Your mom’s just worried Skye,” she added, looking at her trainer’s crestfallen expression. “She didn’t exactly want you to come here. It’s still safer than back home, various incidents or not.”

    The human smiled rather mournfully. ‘Weh-he neh-need to geh-get stronger,” he said softly. So they don’t have to think things like that again.

    Rama whistled. “Never thought I’d hear you say that, Skye.”

    Skye shrugged. “I-hi do-don’t wah-want to luh-lose to Cam eh-anymu-more.” He glanced at his Pokeballs and clipped them on. “Weh-we have a luh-lot of catching to do theh-hen.” Rama smirked at this and padded over. Skye brushed his fur down, wincing at Rama’s occasional shudders of pain. It looked like the Pokemon Center couldn’t completely heal everything.

    This task complete, he put a little money in his pocket and left his dorm room. He was off to a battling class, oddly enough. On his way out, a TV screen blared. Rama, who had been limping after him, snorted. “Well that sucks,” he commented. “Can’t buy anymore overpriced TMs.” Skye hushed him, watching the screen intently.

    Then he laughed, startling a few people. Skye shook his head. There wasn’t much to be afraid of. Even if he couldn’t beat Cam, he could hold off a few Rockets, whoever they may be. Though he wondered…

    “Skye, there might be a time in this place where things go horribly bad. I do mean bad. You watch yourself, okay? You’re the only kid in town I want taking this seat, Rangerhood or whatever first. So don’t you and your mates go down, kay?”

    Maybe his brother wasn’t quite as insane as he thought.


    Ciel had also seen the announcement. Unlike Skye, he was generally confused and upset. He could probably tell if there was a spy in the vicinity, but the idea of having to just felt all wrong. He buttoned his jacket. It wasn’t exactly warm out today, even on an island. Momo let out a mewl from where she laid on the bed, tossing around in throes of sleep. Ciel managed a tiny giggle and returned her, placing her ball on his belt.

    He paused for a moment. He had a class about… Berries today. Well, that sounded nice. Peaceful, quiet. Ciel hoped it wouldn’t bring any dark thoughts about people while he was there. He didn’t want to worry about such things. He just wanted to go to school and learn. Was that too much to ask for?

    Knowing his luck, it probably was.


    Thank Arceus there wasn’t any teacher’s meeting today.

    After the serious mess that was the campus TM store getting blown up like somebody’s fireworks show, all Ash really wanted to do was sleep like the dead. Sadly, she had to teach, so there went that idea. She brushed at her hair with a tired little smirk. Riley was sitting on the floor, eating apples. Pig of a mouse. How on earth was she going to cover her food expenses? Not cool, man.

    “Come on, Miss I can go through anything including a paycheck,” she ordered the mouse. “We have a class to teach, and you’re helping.” Riley bounced up at this, chasing her trainer out the door.

    Today’s lesson, at least to Ash anyway, was simple. She was going to teach these kids how to fight with a territorial disadvantage. That meant fighting with her own teammates. It was unlikely they would be able to beat them, but if a kid did happen to knock one of her Pokemon out…

    Ash grinned to herself and put the black belt away. An Expert Belt could be useful to somebody in this school, there was no doubt about that.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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