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    Originally Posted by faku1810 View Post
    That's great! I just downloaded the new version, and yeah, i know it's a work in progress, but i'm glad to see it slowly getting better and it's good if i can help someway or another, i just try to describe things as clearly as possible.

    I used rare candy on porygon to do a quick check and it evolved just fine, so i'm now on my way to the catacombs before training it properly. Btw, I just remembered a glitch in 4-points isle where you could walk over two tiles of water just after you get there, and I saw you fixed it already. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to happen, but i got my mudkip there in my first visit

    Also you literally COULD get stuck on a rock after catching Groudon if you jump on the upper ledges, but probably you fixed it too already. I found that accidentally though, i don't think anyone would intentionally try to jump there, and you can always use Escape Rope anyways.
    I had not noticed you could jump on the rocks... so I have just moved the rocks one space away...