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Originally Posted by Darkrai Lv.1000 View Post
I also feel it was rushed. Ash's Pokemon aren't even fully evolved yet, when most of them will usually be, especially at least one of the starters. The only ones that are evolved are Leavanny and Unfezant.

I also hate the fact that they beat off Trip in the qualifying rounds. I like that Ash finally beat him, but there's supposed to be an awesome full battle where he finally shows the rival his skills, but that one-on-one was weak IMO. And I still don't understand why he was suddenly so nice all of a sudden beforehand without any sort of explanation.
I'm actually a bit surprised that Ash's Tepig hasn't evolved into an Emboar by this time. Not just because it's become sort of expected for him to have at least one fully evolved starter around this time, but because the overall opinion of Tepig is pretty unpopular and the anime serves to advertise and commercialize, hence why Oshawott hasn't evolved yet and probably never will.

As for Trip, I took it as a way of the writers recognizing he was pretty much a failure of a rival and wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. Also why they could have introduced Cameron albeit a little too late.

About today's episode, "Lost at the League." You know, it makes sense for trainers to get a day for a little R&R in the middle of the league. However, this is television and television aims to entertain. Putting in a filler in the middle of an already disappointing league wasn't very wise on the writer's part. It distracts the audience from the main focus of the league. On top of that, the writers already had to rush this league before the N Episodes started, so why they decided to add in a filler episode right in the middle rather than milk the league as much as they can, I will never know.

That being said, it was an alright episode. I'm usually fond of the episodes that will put more focus on the Pokémon's little adventures at times. This one was no exception other than being oddly placed.
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