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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Cafeteria

    As Kiki ran back to where he was, Shawn was surprised to see Cynder so affectionate with him. He chuckled as she snuggled up to him, gently stroking her fur all the while. When she cried out and smiled at the treatment he gave her, he couldn't help but grin wider at that. What he couldn't understand was why another trainer's pokemon would allow someone else to care for it. Maybe she really did trust him after all.

    Shawn glanced up as Kiki asked about his classes. "Well," he began, "it looks like both of us are in the same classes this time. Our first class is Self-Defense and Intermediate Battling with someone named Ashara. After that, we have Pokemon Biology with Norman." He reclined a little in his chair, thinking about how the classes could go. "I'm pretty excited about showing others my pokemon, including my newest addition," he said, a hint of giddiness in his voice. He pulled one of the pokeballs off his belt and held it gently in his hand, tilting it to show Kiki what he had. "In this pokeball is a pokemon that may be my most prized capture thus far," he smiled as he quickly returned the pokeball to his belt.

    Shawn returned his gaze to Kiki, "So how did everything go last night? What happened with that white-haired girl you and Andy were dealing with?".

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