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    Fighter Michael Abbott

    A hearty slap on the back later, Mike was following Tidal Fist and a couple others as they were travelling east towards the Iron Chasm. A pokemon, Shroomish, was reported as being there, but seemed to be in trouble. No telling what kinds of foes they'd encounter. He got more and more excited as they walked, feeling adrenaline flow faster and faster through his body. He kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary as they walked. After a while, his attention wandered to the other teammates that accompanied him.

    Scrambler, a somewhat small Mankey, was right behind Tidal. Mike knew about how fierce they were, especially when they evolve into Primeape. He thought back to the night when his dad fought against a very fierce, some said crazy, Primeape called Maniac Matt. Normally, Dad was very methodic in the ring, but it was against this powerful beast that Mike finally saw just how tough and quick-thinking Dad really was. The fight lasted 11 rounds, the longest fight Dad had ever participated in, before Maniac Matt was KOed by a Sky Uppercut. Dad was in really rough shape afterwards, enough to where he had to take a week off to recover. If a Primeape could be that powerful, he could be just as dangerous to friend and foe alike. If Scrambler could grow to be that strong, could he be trusted to be a team-player?

    Behind Scrambler, there was a Munchlax called Void. This was a curious turn of events as far as Mike was concerned. Normally, Munchlax were focused mainly on eating and eating, growing larger and larger until they evolved into Snorlax. Of course, a teammate that large could be a veritable asset as a shield due to them sleeping more than usual. When they wake, however, they can be very powerful, indeed. So why would a Munchlax want to focus on fighting rather than eating? Mike decided to pay no heed to it as they continued to walk. In the distance, he saw the familiar formations of the Iron Chasm looming ahead. It won't be long before they arrived at their destination, so he decided to focus more and more on the mission.

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