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/Fel/ -Route 30-

Fel started to regret not running through the flames as he progressed through the cave. It was so dark that he couldn't even see things that were right in front of him. He held the little girl close to him so as to protect her from the many impacts with the walls. Eventually, he stopped feeling around and kept his body against the walls exclusively, as that proved to be the least painful and most efficient way to go about navigating such a dark space.
Eventually he saw a light emanating from the darkness; it was as if there was an angel reaching down to him from the heavens. Or not. Regardless, he sprinted towards the light and entered the new landscape.

He wanted to treasure his triumph, but he had little time to do so. Almost immediately a rock came down in front of him. Next, an outline of hands shown on the front...or rather, the side that Fel was looking at, and then, like a rusty gundam activating for the first time in years, the golem slowly revealed its true form


It didn't seem like anything Fel couldn't handle, but then again, Fel had never played pokemon before. Well, he had, he used to play all the time with his brother when he was younger. Red and Blue versions were the ones he played, though they were a distant memory now; he hardly even remembered the specific pokemon.

He struggled to pull out his Blitzle, but then, for some reason, he stopped himself. He had the feeling that he should use his Poliwag, if only because it made a little bit more sense. He let out his Poliwag and immediately ordered it to use Bubble. The Poliwag did so and the Geodude stirred and writhed in pain. He immediately took advantage of the situation and sent out a pokeball, which hit the rock pokemon.
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