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The Journey to JOLTIK

As soon as I bought Black Version I knew that Joltik would be part of my team. However, having no prior experience in Unova and no idea what was in store for me, I knew not how far he was into the game.

As I caught Pokémon all across Unova knowing full well I only need to see them for it to matter, I caught the five members of my team leaving the final six-spot for my Joltik, waiting out for it no matter what type of strong Pokémon appeared. I had true dedication for one Pokémon. Having no clue it's exact location, as soon as a trainer with a Joltik appeared, I used my PokéDex to find his location. When I did and after beating my fourth Gym Leader I rushed to Chargestone Cave and looked up and down for the Joltik. When she appeared I swallowed hard. Throwing my last Quick Ball to match up it's [the Joltik] color-scheme (Yellow/Blue) it wobbled thrice and came to rest. The female Joltik was now mine.

Joltik is my absolute favorite 5th Gen Pokémon, I made a promise, no matter how much daddy's little girl struggled, she would never become a Gavantula. Joltik's cuteness would never be done in by power.

Now Joltik is part of my team, and will be until I reach the Pokémon League, beat it and start my copy of Black 2.

Joltik 'Stacy' Lv. 39 ♀
Held Item - Lucky Egg
Nature - Rash
Ability - Unnerve
Moves: Bug Bite // X-Scissor // Charge Beam // Electro Ball